Curb Appeal

Focusing on your curb appeal may have a “bad rap,” but check out this perspective tonight to find new gratitude. Turn on the lights of your home, especially any lamps you may have. It doesn’t matter if you're in an apartment, a duplex, or a crazy beautiful mansion. Turn the light on, then go outside.

Walk around your home and look through any available windows from a distance. Doesn’t it cast a new “light” on your perspective? I dare you to walk to the neighbors yard, sit down on their front stoop, and check out your curb appeal. In the warm glow of the lights, you will find gratitude for what matters most: the loved ones nestled in the house, a roof over your head, the walls that protect you from the elements, food in your fridge, a place to lay your head and find rest. Looking at your life from the outside in, cast in this warm glow, shines in gratitude and hope that was a stone’s throw away.

Do this exercise a few nights in a row and see — just see — if your perspective doesn’t change during daylight hours.

I discovered this practice when I got to move into my dream home on a small piece of country. I was blown away to get to live in this “Nonie house”- it was just so me- I had to walk the property at dusk each night and praise God for this dream come true! Life happens. Things change. 

When we lost that "Nonie home,” we added insult to injury by moving to my least favorite place, the noisy, busy city! I felt I would never again feel the joy I had in that country house. 

Gratitude is a practice. It is cultivated like a crop.

I choose gratitude, even in the hard times.

I walked across the alley of our new city home, stood by the rat infested/ stinky dumpster and practiced my curb-appeal exercise nightly. I was astonished to discover that the outside-looking-in perspective still brought incredible gratitude. 

I found joy seeing my precious children laughing as they play cards. The pile of dirty dishes by the sink, the filthy shoes near the door,  even the mess of toys and baskets of laundry look like gratitude from outside the window pane. We have so much to be thankful for, even in the mess of life. 

Go and find some curb appeal tonight. You may find you’re grateful for way more than you expected.

Written by Nonie Rand