Your safety in mind, body, and spirit is our highest priority. This is why we don’t publicly advertise where our vacations will be held. Many of the retreats we host are for women only. We get phone calls, emails, and texts daily from strangers wanting to know where we will be hosting our events. We believe strongly that our location should remain private until Nonie has a conversation with the interested participant or until registration is complete. We meticulously uphold your privacy and security. Nonie is available to speak with you about details for any vacation and is happy to answer all of your questions. 

Mind Body Spirit Vacations loves to love on you! We always give you a little gift when you are on vacation with us and we pour our entire heart into planning the best vacation imaginable for you!

MBSV is thoughtful about finding the right venue for each event. We design each vacation to be all-inclusive. This means that, from the moment you step foot on our vacation property, your meals, drinks, activities, and, of course, all fitness classes are included in the price. Nonie has three children, so she knows how much a drink, snack, or meal can cost on vacation. Those fees can incur costs that people simply do not budget for. That is why we design each vacation package to be all-inclusive, so there are no surprise costs or hidden fees while on the trip. 

Our vacations do not include airfare or transfers to and from the resorts. MBSV does offer group transportation as an option for clients to begin their community building on the commute to and from the airport; this is a separate Eventbrite ticket that you are welcome to purchase.

We encourage all our guests to buy travel insurance as our vacations are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Travel insurance is usually around $70 and that often includes insuring your airfare and your entire trip. MBSV is not affiliated with an insurance company nor do we consider ourselves a travel agency; therefore we cannot offer you insurance. We can recommend Ken Ebersole—he is a dear friend of MBSV and has provided travel insurance to many of our clients. Ken’s company information is available on our registration page on Eventbrite. 

Registration for our vacations is done through Eventbrite. We have a few questions we ask you so we can tailor the menu of events to your desires. We thank you for taking the time to fill out those questions thoughtfully. This helps us serve you in paradise!



What do I need to bring on my fitness vacation?

Everything you need for fitness classes will be provided. We have  weights, towels, water bottles etc...  You only need to bring what you would on any beach vacation, plus your sneakers  and a yoga mat.

What is your cancellation/ refund policy?

There are no refunds within the 65 days prior to vacation. No exceptions. We may accept refund requests when submitted in writing 66 days or more prior to your vacation. Your deposit is non-refundable due to processing fees. Likewise, the Eventbrite fees are non-refundable.

What kind of shape do I need to be in? What if I've never done some of these class formats?

Our fitness professionals are skilled and well versed at teaching all levels of clientelle and they do so with great ease. Each participant in each class can find exactly what they need and feel safe to be at any level that is available to them in the moment. Beginners and experts alike are welcome to each class because our teachers are superb and they show modifications when teaching you.

Can the hotel accommodate my food allergies or dietary restrictions?

This one is near and dear to our founder's heart. When choosing venues for fitness vacations this is a top priority for us. Yes! The staff are excellent at supplying any food needs of our guests. They even make special breads, desserts, etc when they know someone has an allergy. 

What does all-inclusive really include?  

All inclusive means from the moment you step foot on the property every snack, meal and drink will be included. Likewise, there are daily activities included as well such as child care, your fitness classes, jungle hikes, sea kayak tours, snorkeling, use of the workout facilities- tennis courts, nightly entertainment and classes given by the hotel staff such as cooking, painting and stretching. Airfare and transportation are NOT included. 

I am a fitness pro, may I teach a fitness vacation?

Thank you for your interest. We are always excited to meet fitness professionals who have an interest in hosting a fitness vacation. Please contact our founder, Nonie Rand at with inquiries.  

How do I get from the international airport to the resort?

Group transportation will be offered for many of our vacations at an additional fee for the participants traveling on the same flights. In that case, there will be a professional driver waiting for you at the airport holding a sign that says, "Welcome MBS Vacations." He will have bottle water and will help you with your luggage as well.  Please read about your specific vacation of interest to find out specifics on transfers. 

How do I know what flight to book?

Once you reserve your spot on the fitness vacation by giving your non-refundable deposit you will receive all the information you need to move ahead on our fitness vacation together.

What if I want to go on a fitness vacation solo but need a roommate to make this more affordable? 

Many participants do just that! Once you are reserved a spot with your non-refundable down payment we will send you a roommate  questionnaire that asks you specific questions about your needs in a roomie. We will  do our best to accommodate your needs and desires when matching you with another traveler. Please know that in the unfortunate event that you and your roommate do not "hit it off" there are no room switches. If you prefer a single room, please honor your needs and book that.